MIS now offers residential & business DSL in many Fairpoint service area communities.

Residential DSL Service Pricing

Business Services

*Additonal plans available with speeds up to 20Mbps!

Special Offer for Quarry Hill Campus Residency


Service includes:

  • Dedicated 24/7 connection! Not shared like cable
  • Broadband speed & throughput
  • (5) E-mail addresses
  • Free DSL modem with (1) Network jack*
  • All necessary cables for connection one computer

Some installations may require additional items including line filters, routers and hubs. These can be supplied at an additional cost. We do not install network cards in computers.

PLEASE NOTE: Although there is no fee charged by the phone company for any accounts that cancel service within one calendar year from the date of installation, you are required to return the modem and all of the equipment that was delivered in the original package. Customers interested in seasonal service should contact our DSL Coordinator for more information.

*Free DSL modem is limited to one DSL modem for connectivity. Replacement DSL modems are billed at $50 for replacement plus applicable taxes

DSL Basics
DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. This technology utilizes the existing copper phone lines you already have installed to your house to bring high-speed Internet access to you. It uses an inaudible signal that permits continuous Internet service without tying up the phone or causing busy signals.

A special modem converts the digital signal, and the phone company programs your phone line in their switch to enable it to carry the service. However, there is a limit to the distance that copper wire can carry the signal effectively. In Fairpoint service areas, we will need to perform an initial line qualification to make certain that service is available at your location.