GWI Email Changes

Final Notification – Email Server Changes for Midcoast Customers

Dear Customers,

If you have already updated your email settings or you only use Webmail kindly disregard this email. If not please update your email settings now. You may already have experienced an inability to check your email.

Important Information:

  • Neither your email address or your password has changed.
  • If your email client supports SSL we encourage you to utilize the encryption.
  • We will never ask for your login information by email. If you want or need to change your password, call our support department and they can assist you.
  • If you think someone may be trying to trick you out of your login info, call our support department at 1-855-891-4188.

The new email settings are:

The new email settings are:

Type Server Username* Port SSL Enabled
POP3 110 Yes – Port 995
IMAP 143 Yes – Port 993
SMTP 25 or 587 Yes – Port 465

*If your email address includes kona or lincoln, your username in the new setup should be or

Webmail Users:

During the month of May we will be switching from Midcoast’s Squirrel Mail to the GWI Webmail system. There is no action required on your part to make this transition. When you log into the new system you will see your existing email folders and signature as well as all of your email.

GWI’s email servers will allow you to use the same mail settings anywhere in the world, without having to adopt the local SMTP server for wherever you may be at the time. Whether you are at home on your PC, traveling with a laptop or using your smartphone to access mail, you may use the same settings.

Best regards,

Heather P. Kelley
Vice President, Operations